I’ve Moved…!

BOREDOM IS NOT MY STYLE got a makeover for 2016. In addition to a new look, the focus of the blog has also broadened. What began as a journal of my trip to Kilimanjaro for family and friends has now morphed into an eclectic mix of travel, reading and other experiences that I am doing to keep life interesting.

I have also moved to a new self-hosting site. To keep up to date with posts please follow me at http://www.boredomisnotmystyle.com.


Tragedy on Everest

The recent news of the 16 Nepali sherpa guides who died in an avalanche on Everest has left me with a mix of emotions. I grieve for the men and their families and the Nepalese community as a whole, and I am incensed at the callous reactions of some climbers and some expedition leaders, as well as some western media outlets reporting of the incident. I am outraged by the blatant exploitation, and I also wonder what effect this will have on the future economy of the region. Continue reading

Ayacucho Peru: Living on the Corner of Death and Devotion

Walking around Ayacucho Peru it is difficult not to see a dichotomy.

Down one street I cross in front of a beautiful colonial church with its ornate carvings and majestic bell towers.

Next I turn the corner down a dusty crumbling road lined with rows of small single room brick homes with cement floors and rusty old corrugated metal roofs. Continue reading

6 Things To Do in 6 Hours: San Francisco

After a couple of days touring the wine country, I headed back down to spend the day touring San Francisco. With only 6 hours available before heading to the airport to catch a red-eye flight home, I had to be very selective about what I wanted in a city with so much to see and do. The itinerary was a bit ambitious and at times felt like a treasure hunt, but it was definitely a lot of fun and gave me a distinct and varied set of experiences.

Although these attractions may not be on everybody’s list, here are my top 6 things to do in San Francisco (in chronological order): Continue reading

Ballooning over Napa Valley

Riding in a hot air balloon must be on every bucket list ever written. It certainly has been on mine and I could think of nowhere better for my experience than over the world famous vineyards of Napa Valley.

Rising early in the morning, we ventured over to meet our group for coffee and pastries. After the dutiful signing of the liability waivers, we received a brief introduction from the tour company, were assigned a respective pilot, and headed out to the site.

Fortunately, the conditions were perfect – around 53 degrees, light wind, clear skies. The sun was just beginning to rise and the pilots were beginning to fill the balloons. Continue reading

Boston Wine Expo 2014

I will soon be visiting the Napa Valley region of California for the very first time. So when I saw an advertisement for the annual wine expo in Boston, I felt it was my duty to prepare – both in the practice of tasting, as well as scouting for some decent wineries to tour.

The Boston Wine Expo is the largest wine event in the country, featuring over 1800 wines from more than 400 wineries from 13 different countries. There are also over 40 restaurants showcasing their delectables, and other vendors, such as the occasional cuban cigar retailer and travel outfitter.

With so much on offer, the event is split into several exhibition rooms. I opted for a ticket in the Vintner’s Reserve Lounge to “sample rare and expensive vintages… [that] retail for $75 and up” and that also hosted a live jazz band while we all quaffed and nibbled our way through the various tables. Continue reading

Ice climbing in a blizzard

A few years ago I made the decision to stop buying “stuff” for my children for Christmas. Most of the time it’s just a waste of money. Whatever I buy usually gets forgotten or lost into some mysterious abyss or “not what they really wanted” (like a $500 new Xbox One even though the 360 is perfectly fine).

Instead, I try to find something that will create lasting memories.

I knew my children enjoyed indoor rock climbing, but had not tried any climbing outdoors. So for Christmas 2012 I surprised them with an ice climbing lesson.

Little did I know that I had scheduled it during one of the 5 worst winter storm’s in New England’s history. Continue reading

Winter in the Grand Canyon (trekking rim to rim… to rim)

A few years ago I came to the realization that I love multi-day trekking and with no plans for my winter holiday, I began searching for something to quench the need for a good long walk. What I found was a 46 mile rim-to-rim-to-rim trek of the Grand Canyon. This seemed perfect. I had never actually visited the canyon before and I could never endure the usual 100oF + temperatures in the summer. So I was delighted to discover that you can trek across the canyon during the winter season with far fewer people and far more moderate temperatures.

Continue reading

Safari: Ultimate Experience or Overrated?

I grew up hopelessly glued to the television every time Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom was on. Marlin Perkins lured me in every time, and carted me away to a wild and distant land filled with fascinating accounts of exotic animals. Although not by any means glamorous, the lifestyle to capture these moments was extremely exciting and it was because of Perkins that I originally declared I wanted to become a zoologist. I also (like many others) developed a romanticized view of the African savanna and vowed to at least visit it ‘one day’. Of course Wild Kingdom wasn’t the only influence. Several Hollywood movies added to my idealization of the legendary safari as well.

So I admit that I probably went on my week long safari of Lake Manyara, the Serengeti, and Ngorongoro Crater with slightly higher expectations than what I got. Continue reading

Kilimanjaro: Day 6 – Return to Moshi

The sun was just beginning to rise when I got back to camp. Not yet high enough to begin warming the air, I could now see that frost and small ice crystals had accumulated on the outside walls of the tent. The porters came over immediately to ask how I was. Still freezing, I nearly begged for a thermos of hot water to take to bed, which they graciously obliged. Continue reading